National Reconciliation Week 2023: Be A Voice for Generations

For National Reconciliation Week 2023, the theme is ‘Be a Voice for Generations’, which aims to encourage Australians to become actively involved in reconciliation in our daily lives - in where we live, work, and socialise.

From 27 May to 3 June, we commemorate two pivotal moments in the reconciliation journey – the 1967 referendum and the Mabo High Court decision. This period serves as an opportunity to discover and appreciate our shared histories, cultures, and successes, and to figure out how each of us can contribute to achieving reconciliation in Australia.

Wesfarmers is one of the nation's largest employers of First Nations and Torres Strait Islanders since publishing its Reconciliation Action Plan in 2009. As of 30 June 2020, Wesfarmers employed 2,994 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander team members which is 2.8 per cent of our Australian workforce.

With the objective for equal and equitable opportunities for all, our mission for reconciliation involves a commitment to raise the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in our workforce, as well as reinforcing the potential of First Nations suppliers to progress and become larger in scale.

As a company committed to supporting First Nations communities, Coregas is proud to continue its partnership with The Cryogenics Group, a specialist in liquid nitrogen and other gases.

Aside from their gas supplies, The Cryogenics Group is also a part of Supply Nation, a non-profit that strives to build the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business industry. Coregas is also a certified member.

This, combined with increasing supplier base diversity as indicated in the action plan, provides more economic opportunity for First Nations people and their communities, as well as adds to Wesfarmers’ potential to develop and nurture relationships with their suppliers.

Marcia Edwards, Co-Director of The Cryogenics Group, shared, “Our team loves working with Coregas because they share our values and vision.”

In addition to its partnership with The Cryogenics Group, Coregas have collaborated with Geared Up Culcha (GUC), an Aboriginal owned and operated company specialising in PPE, work wear, promo merchandise, and signage who are Supply Nation certified.

This year’s National Reconciliation Week theme, Be a Voice for Generations, urges all Australians to use their power, their words and their actions to create a better, more just Australia for all of us. 

We can all be part of making a lasting change, not only for the present, but also for the generations that follow. Through daily actions in the places we live, work, play and socialise, we can make a lasting impact beyond Reconciliation Week.

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