Energy Gases

From gases for purging, maintenance and calibration to clean energy fuels such as hydrogen powering cars and buses, Coregas supports power generation and energy provision at every stage.

As one of Australia’s main gas suppliers for over 40 years, we developed our expertise supplying some of the largest power generators and distributors, plus natural gas and LNG companies.

That experience means our range includes gases to support every stage of power and energy production, right from construction through to day to day operations, maintenance and laboratory requirements.

Gases for power and energy

Below are just a few of the typical applications for which we supply gases to power and energy organisations, but there are many more. If your application is not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Welding and cutting gases for construction and maintenance

Crucial during the construction phase of pipelines and other infrastructure plus ongoing maintenance around site, Coregas offers a full range of welding and cutting gases.

Nitrogen for purging, inerting and blanketing

Industrial grade nitrogen is an inert gas, so is ideal to use in clearing new pipelines during commissioning. For the same reason, nitrogen is also ideal for purging of lines and blanketing during production. Petrochemical refineries and pharmaceutical facilities both benefit from this application.

Calibration gases

Regular calibration of gas detectors is essential to ensure they correctly register potentially harmful gases in the production environment. They also assist in checking laboratory analysers and process control instruments for accuracy and adjusting accordingly. Coregas' range of calibration gases are produced in our NATA-accredited laboratory to the highest standards. Our focus is providing you the highest precision certified gas mixtures with a prompt, reliable service.

Hydrogen to power vehicles

Hydrogen is increasing in popularity as a clean fuel source. In the video below "Ted Talk to" you can learn more about why hydrogen is so prominent in current headlines.

High purity hydrogen is used in fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV) such as cars and buses. It is a clean-burning fuel whose only residue is water vapour. Working with local and international vehicle manufacturers such as Hyundai, Coregas supplies hydrogen to hydrogen car and bus schemes across the country.

Coregas in 2020 participated in the Hydrogen Energy Supply Chain (HESC), the Pilot Project is being led by a consortium of experienced industry partners from Japan and Australia. The group includes Kawasaki Heavy Industries Ltd., Electric Power Development Co. Ltd. (J-Power), Iwatani Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, AGL and Sumitomo Corporation all of whom are keen to fast track an economically viable and alternative fuel source. The project has also received Japanese government support, as well as support from the Federal and Victorian Governments. (read full article here)

In 2020, the Morrison government announced an investment mandate of the CleanEnergy Finance Corporation, directing it to make up to $300m available for a new Advancing Hydrogen Fund as part of the national hydrogen strategy. This has fueled increased global interest in the media regarding the use of hydrogen as a potential source of energy. The following video by KPMG Australia, filmed at the Coregas Port Kembla facility, explores the potential applications and implications of hydrogen as we forecast the continued growth in the years to come.