Managing supply

There are a range of options to manage gas supplies or track cylinders, from self-managed to a comprehensive supply service full managed by Coregas. Whichever option you choose, we have tools, apps and reports to simplify the process.

Cylinder tracking

All Coregas cylinders have a unique barcode enabling them to be tracked through production and delivery, which forms an integral part of our quality assurance system. Cylinder tracking also ensures you receive accurate cylinder rental invoices, permits us to trace the remaining shelf life of calibration gases and enables us to supply additional copies of the certificate of analysis for specialty gases.

Scan to Order

Scan to Reorder: ordering made simple

The Coregas Mobile app uses the cylinder barcode to make reordering easier. Simply scan an existing cylinder barcode with the app and within a few taps, you can order the same gas at the same size and even arrange to return empty cylinders at the same time. Download it from the App store or Google Play Store.

Cylinder management services

Self-management of your cylinder fleet requires that you do all the work of monitoring stocks, placing orders and arranging deliveries.

Our cylinder management service removes the hassle involved with ensuring you always have gas available. It is ideal for large numbers of cylinders or where more than one site uses or stores gas cylinders. Coregas monitors stocks, places and delivers orders, and replenishes empty cylinders when required. Detailed activity reports are available and can be produced as frequently as required, even daily.

Our range of cylinder management services designed especially for the complex needs of healthcare organisations demonstrates our capabilities in this area.

On-site vessel management service

Similar to the cylinder management service, this service ensures on-site vessels never run out of gas. The service can be customised with a number of options. For instance, you can choose remote gas monitoring via telemetry which triggers an automatic reorder when gas levels fall below a specified figure. Alternatively, you may prefer to track gas levels manually and reorder when required or have scheduled period deliveries.


The Coregas telemetry system provides real-time visibility of your gas levels and consumption patterns. It works using remote monitoring of your gas management systems, cylinder packs and/or liquid supply.

The main benefit of telemetry is security of supply because we constantly monitor your usage and schedule deliveries to maintain gas levels above set minimum limits, ensuring your supply is never exhausted. Also, the use of always-on remote monitoring means we can map your consumption patterns, which allows us to minimise disruption to your site with fewer deliveries. Telemetry can even provide daily usage data if you require.