Having supplied mining companies throughout much of our 40+ year history, Coregas understands the need for a complete package of gases to support mining operations.

Coregas supplies major companies in the primary metals and minerals industry around Australia, including many remote sites.

Knowledge and experience built up through a long history of supplying mining operations ensures our team can supply products, services and advice customised for your needs and to improve your productivity.

From bulk applications such as inerting, wastewater treatment and refining, to maintenance applications such as welding and cutting and specialty applications such as calibration of instruments and in laboratories, Coregas supplies in any size, gas or liquid, in the volume and frequency required.

Below are just some of the gases we supply for mining, but there are many more. For a discussion about your application requirements, get started by contacting our Customer Services team.

Gases for mining

Bulk gases for a range of applications

Gases such as

  • nitrogen for inerting goafs, purging pipelines or blanketing tanks;
  • oxygen for wastewater treatment, leaching or roasting; and
  • carbon dioxide for precipitation, leaching and control of pH

are part of the core of our range.

See our page on inerting, purging and blanketing for more information and a case study about our mining inertisation capabilities.

To find out more about bulk supply options, start by contacting our Customer Service team.

Welding and cutting gases for maintenance

As a major industrial gases supplier, we offer the full range of welding and cutting gases across Australia. From oxy-acetylene to shielding gases such as argon and related mixtures, we can offer a gas to suit your requirements and provide advice on optimising your process.

Calibration and laboratory gases

Calibration gases for calibrating laboratory instruments, leak detectors or gas monitoring equipment are part of our standard range, as are other specialty gases commonly used in laboratories.