Beer & Hospitality Gas

Food grade gases used to dispense beer, cider and in post-mix drinks systems; various mixtures of hospitality gases are available to suit different drinks

Our range of hospitality and beer gases includes food grade CO2, which is commonly used in food packaging and beverage carbonation applications, as well as a selection of CO2/N2 mixes that are produced under our Corebrew label. Our Corebrew gases are made specifically to meet the needs of hospitality venues where beers such as Kilkenny™ and Guinness™ are available on draft. Whichever hospitality gas you order, we guarantee it will be produced in accordance with the published specifications and comply with all Australian Standards as they apply to hospitality industry gas use.

Our food grade CO2 complies with all relevant Australian Food Code Standards and must pass our rigorous QC procedures before it is deemed fit for sale. We ensure that there are never dangerous levels of impurities in our food grade gas.

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  • Where can I buy hospitality/beer gas?

    If you would like to order hospitality gas from us, you can do so by contacting us on the number provided. Alternatively, you can place an order with a local Coregas depot if there is one in your area. For customers who do not have an account with us and do not have time to open one, it is also possible to buy our gases from local distributors.

  • How is hospitality/beer gas stored?

    For pure Carbon Dioxide cylinders, because it is a liquified gas inside the cylinder, these cylinders need to be kept upright at all times. Laying a Carbon Dioxide cylinder on its side will obstruct the proper function of the safety mechanism on the cylinder valve.

  • How much is hospitality/beer gas?

    The cost of our hospitality gas depends on cylinder size and overall quantity but all of our prices are very competitive. If you would like a quotation for a specific amount of hospitality/beer gas, we invite you to get in touch with us whenever you have a few moments to spare. Once we know what you need, we will be able to prepare a quote for you in no time at all.

  • How long does a tank of hospitality/beer gas last?

    How long a cylinder will last will depend on the setting of your mixer. Please contact your equipment supplier to find out how to calculate this time. Alternatively, you can speak to your Coregas representative to help you make this calculation.

  • What gas is used for beer kegs?

    The type of gas that is used to dispense beer from kegs is either CO2 or a mixture of CO2 and N2, which is commonly referred to as beer gas in the trade (Typcally 30% CO2 / 70% N2 (30/70) Or 40/60, 55/45, 75/25 ). Higher concentration of CO2 works better with draught beers which are better enjoyed with more carbonation while a denser stout would require less CO2 concentration.

    We can supply both food grade CO2 and CO2/N2 mixes (our Corebrew range), in whatever cylinder sizes and quantities you require. Call or email us for pricing and delivery information.