Formerly Cryoforce in Brisbane

We are a mobile cryogenics business servicing South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. We deliver liquid nitrogen, liquid argon, medical/scientific gases and dry ice to various industries.

We also provide specialised services such as shrink fitting and pipe freezing, as well as equipment repair and servicing to Australian standards. We are a division of Coregas Pty Ltd.

As a division of the only Australian industrial gases company, we’re able to provide businesses, medical facilities and educational institutions in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales with a full range of cryogenics services. We have many years of experience in the manufacture and supply of cryogenic gases and a nationwide network of managed depots and distributors, serving our customers on a daily basis. We can supply your organisation with liquid nitrogen and liquid argon of the highest quality, dewars and PLCs to store it safely onsite, and all the hoses, manifolds and regulators you need. We also provide a range of specialist onsite cryogenics services, including pipe freezing and shrink fitting.

Cryogenic gas supply

Our cryogenic gases are manufactured to precise specifications, here in Australia, in compliance with all relevant standards and guidelines. We offer onsite filling services for bulk storage facilities (authorised holding vessels for liquid gases) as well as the delivery of liquid nitrogen and argon in PLCs, which we can supply if required. Whatever your cryogenic gas needs, Coregas can meet them.

Onsite cryogenics services

We offer a comprehensive range of onsite services to our liquid argon and nitrogen customers in Australia.

  • Shrink fitting — Used in the manufacture of valves, gears, railway equipment and other industrial components, shrink fitting produces excellent results. Cooling an inner part to sub-zero temperatures so that it contracts and can easily be inserted into an outer part before it expands to form a mechanically strong joint, is more efficient than heating the outer part to expand it before inserting the inner part. When performed by experts, such as our mobile cryogenics team, shrink fitting will not change the material composition of metal and metal alloys. Heating the outer part, on the other hand, may change the composition of the metal and weaken the resulting joint.

  • Pipe freezing — Using liquid nitrogen to seal and freeze a section of pipe in oil and gas refineries is an efficient solution when repairs are required. By freezing the section that is in need of repair or replacement, there is no need to drain and close off the entire system. Our mobile cryogenics team provides pipe freezing services for applications of all sizes in Australia.

  • Maintenance and repair of storage solutions — In addition to the supply of dewars and PLCs, we offer specialist maintenance and repair services for liquid gas storage facilities and equipment. We can service and repair your PLCs and cryo-sprays, clean your onsite storage vessels and ensure that all your equipment is in excellent working order.

    Dry ice

    Our cryogenics division also supplies dry ice and dry ice storage containers on demand. However, we recommend giving us advance notice for this product if possible, as lead times are often longer.

    For more information on our liquid nitrogen, liquid argon and dry ice services, contact us by phone or email now. Alternatively, you can get in touch with your nearest Coregas distributor or local Coregas depot to discuss your requirements with a member of our cryogenics team.


      Product and Services
      Liquid Nitrogen & Liquid ArgonLiquid nitrogen and liquid argon delivery service to authorised liquid nitrogen holding vessels: dewars, PLCs (portable liquid containters), freezers.
      Pipe FreezingCryogenic fluid isolation: onsite services, after hours availability, excellent safety records, extensive resources for larger applications.
      Shrink FittingCryogenic component fitting: onsite services, after hours availability, excellent safety record, extensive resources for larger applications.
      Dry Ice (Solid Carbon Dioxide)Dry ice delivery service, dry ice holding containers, pre-ordering may be necessary for this product.
      Scientific EquipmentLiquid nitrogen and liquid argon storage vessels for hire or purchase, biological storage systems, hoses, regulators, manifolds, personal protective equipment available for purchase.
      Medical Gases & EquipmentLiquid nitrogen for cryo-surgery, medical oxygen cylinders, medical air cylinders, cryo-spray repairs and servicing, cryo-sprays and dewars for purchase or hire.
      HospitalityDelivery service of liquid nitrogen and dry ice for restaurants: dewars and PLCs available for purchase, personal protective equipment available for purchase.
      Health & FitnessDelivery service of liquid nitrogen for cryosauna/cryotherapy, portable liquid containers available for purchase and hire.
      EducationDelivery service of liquid nitrogen and dry ice for science demonstrations, decanting equipment, personal protective equipment available, liquid nitrogen dewars available for purchase.
      EntertainmentBalloon gas and regulators.
      Equipment Repair & MaintenanceSpecialised repair and servicing of liquid nitrogen and liquid argon portable liquid containers to Australian standards, dewar cleaning, specialist repair and servicing for liquid nitrogen cryo-sprays.
      New & Used EquipmentNew and used equipment available for purchase: dewars, portable liquid containers (PLC's), cryo-sprays, oxygen regulators & flowmeters, oxygen cylinder keys, oxygen cylinder trolleys, ladles & extractors.


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      1300 607 577 (24 hours)
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