Welding and metal fabrication gases

From day one in 1974, Coregas’ main focus was supplying industrial gases to Australian industry for applications such as welding and fabrication. It still is.

We don’t expect you to be a welding engineer or a metallurgist, so selecting the optimal gas for your application doesn’t need to be a headache. Along with our quick reference guides, Coregas have product and application specialists who can assist with optimal gas selection for your business and process. 

To make optimisation even easier, we have created two shielding gas categories: ShieldCore® and ShieldPro® to best cater for individual performance needs. When selecting the right gas product category, it's important to consider cost saving benefits across the whole welding process rather than the gas on its own. ShieldPro products contains premium additions that may deliver reduced cost to the overall welding project through productivity and quality advantages.

Coregas ShieldCore® offers an extensive range from which to choose a gas for a clean, quality and economical weld.

Coregas ShieldPro® supports higher performance in the areas of welding speed, penetration, profile, surface appearance, and metallurgical benefits. This gives advantages to the two major areas of concern in a welding process – quality and efficiency.

Chemical properties influence the metallurgical behaviour as well as the weld surface qualities. Oxygen, for example, burns off alloy constituents and leads to more fluid weld pools, while carbon dioxide adds carbon and gives slightly reinforced welds. Argon and helium both show metallurgically neutral behaviour and hydrogen acts as a reducing agent. The addition of hydrogen in some applications also has the benefit of reducing surface oxides which leads to a cleaner weld appearance and reduced post weld finishing.

Because of the links between gas mixture and welding optimisation, selecting the most suitable gas mixture for your application can offer significant benefits for both the welding process and your budget.

Industrial Shielding Gases Brochure

View our cylinder sizes and options, gas selection guide and more in the Industrial Shielding Gases brochure.