Oxygen gas

Oxygen gas is available in a range of purities to suit a large number of applications, from welding and cutting to food packaging and processing, from healthcare to combustion

We produce oxygen in a range of purities for various industries and applications. As the only Australian owned industrial gas manufacturer, we have an in-depth knowledge of the market requirement and the different supply needs for companies in various industrial sectors. Whether you need laser grade, industrial grade, food grade, aviation grade, medical grade or laboratory grade oxygen, we can meet your requirements at competitive prices. For customers who need a regular supply, we offer cylinder management and onsite vessel management services: we can monitor your usage and stock levels, triggering automatic re-orders (or notifications for you to place your own orders if you prefer).

All of our oxygen products comply with relevant Australian Standards. The cylinders we use all have a unique barcode that allows us to track them throughout the production and delivery stages. If you need a reliable supply of oxygen guaranteed to meet your specifications, contact Coregas now to discuss your requirements.

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  • Where can I buy oxygen?

    If you would like to order Coregas oxygen, you can do so directly through us or through one of our depots in Australia. Another option is to place your orders with one of our official distributors in your local area

  • How is oxygen gas stored?

    Compressed Oxygen is supplied in gas cylinders. These cylinders should be stored in an upright position, restrained from falling, in a well ventilated area, away from flammable gases or liquids. For medical use it is important to store empty cylinders in a separate location to full cylinders to l ensure there is no confusion in the event of an emergency.

  • How much does oxygen cost?

    Price is dependent on the purity level of the oxygen, and the quantities required. If you would like a quotation for a one-off order or regular supply, please call during business hours or send us an email at any time.

  • How long does a cylinder of oxygen last?

    In order to calculate how long one cylinder will last, you will need to know the average flow rate of oxygen you are using. Combined with the contents of oxygen in the cylinder when full, which is on the cylinder label and specification, you can work out how long the cylinder will last. Or, - get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to do the calculation for you.

  • Can you transport oxygen cylinders lying down?

    Safety guidelines stipulate that gas cylinders should be stored, secured, and transported in an upright position whenever possible. However, it is possible to transport oxygen cylinders (a compressed oxidising gas) in a horizontal position if they are property secured in place.

  • Can oxygen cylinders explode?

    Oxygen gas cylinders should not explode under normal conditions. However, leaking equipment in confined spaces may lead to an oxygen enriched environment that makes explosions and fires more likely.

  • How many litres of oxygen are in a cylinder?

    We supply oxygen gas in a variety of cylinder sizes. If you require a specific size cylinder, please do not hesitate to call and let us know. Assuming it is a size that we are able to supply, we will be more than happy to oblige.