Food Grade Gases

Coregas has a range of food grade gases and food grade gas mixtures to suit many applications

All the products in our food grade gas range are manufactured in Australia to exceptionally high standards, in full compliance with all government regulations and industry best practices. Our Corebrew gases are designed specifically for the brewing and hospitality industries, while our food-grade oxygen, carbon dioxide and CO2/O2 products are widely used in gas flushing food packaging, chilling and freezing applications. All the food grade gas mixtures we manufacture and supply are available in a range of cylinder and pack sizes and for larger volumes can be delivered in bulk tanks in cryogenic form. To discuss your food and beverage gas requirements with one of our experts, please contact us by email, fax or phone.

Managing your food grade gas supply

Each Coregas cylinder for food packaging, beer dispensing and other food and beverage applications has its own unique barcode. These barcodes allow us to monitor our production and delivery activities accurately, ensuring a reliable supply at all times. The barcodes can also be scanned by our customers, to order more cylinders as and when required. If you would rather, we can monitor your stock for you, and automatically generate orders when stocks reach a certain level, with ourcylinder gas supply management service.

Have a question about a product?

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  • Where can I buy food grade gas?

    If you would like to have Coregas food grade gases delivered to your business in Australia you can order directly from us, from one of our depots located in cities across the country or from a third-party distributor.

  • How is food grade gas stored?

    Whether you are using oxygen, nitrogen, CO2 or one of our food grade gas mixtures, you should store all cylinders in an upright position, well secured from falling, preferably in a cool area, with good ventilation and a steady temperature. For full details, see the applicable safety data sheets.

  • How much does food grade gas cost?

    To find out how much the gas you wish to order will cost, please get in touch with us to request a quotation. Prices vary from product to product and depend on the quantity you require and the location.

  • How long does a tank of food grade gas last?

    The easiest way to work out how long a single cylinder of food packaging or beer gas will last is to divide the gas contents of the cylinder when full (which can be found on the product specification, or on the cylinder label) by the flow rate required. If you need any help with this, please don’t hesitate to ask.

  • Is there a difference between food grade CO2 and industrial grade CO2

    Yes. The difference between our food and industrial grade CO2 is that our food grade gas products are manufactured to comply with relevant Australian Food Code Standards. This means that any impurities in our food grade CO2 will be at or below the levels specified in the laws governing food production in Australia.

  • What is food grade oxygen used for?

    Food grade oxygen is most commonly used in modified atmosphere packaging applications and is also often used to improve bioreactor performance in fermentation processes.