Creating new opportunities with the Cryogenics Group

Coregas is proud of its ability to partner with like-minded businesses. And its new relationship with The Cryogenics Group is no exception.

When Coregas needed to service rapidly expanding gas markets in Queensland, Western Australia and Victoria with new distribution channels, The Cryogenics Group came on board.

Within eight weeks The Cryogenics Group, a specialist in liquid nitrogen and other gases, had mobilised in the three major capitals with trucks, personnel and equipment.

“That’s testament to how quickly they can move,” says Alan Watkins, Coregas Executive General Manager. “They didn’t have a presence in Western Australia to the level that we needed, but within weeks had mobilised and were operational.

Pictured above, Alan Watkins, Coregas Executive General Manager and Marcia Edwards, Co-Director of The Cryogenics Group, at the Coregas Brisbane Plant.

As well as supplying speciality gases, The Cryogenics Group is part of Supply Nation, a non-profit organisation that aims to grow the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business sector. Coregas, through its parent company Wesfarmers, is also a certified member.

Since publishing its Reconciliation Action Plan in 2009, which outlines its focus and commitment, Wesfarmers is now one of the nation’s largest employers of Indigenous community members.

Increasing supplier base diversity, another focus of the action plan, not only makes a difference in the economic prosperity of indigenous people’s lives and their communities, but also enhances Wesfarmers ability to further develop supplier relationships. A focus shared by Coregas.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with 25 years’ experience, The Cryogenics Group was open to new opportunities. So, when representatives from both companies met, the synergy was instantaneous. “We realised fairly quickly there was plenty of space for us to expand and grow together,” explains Alan.

Marcia Edwards, Co-Director of The Cryogenics Group, agrees. “Our team loves working with Coregas because they share our values and vision.”

As well as delivering liquid nitrogen gas to hospitals, universities and other smaller businesses, The Cryogenics Group has diversified into delivering Trade N Go Gas cylinders to Bunnings stores throughout Western Australia.

“This particular kind of delivery is outside of our usual scope of work, but the Coregas team in Perth have provided us with exceptional training and support, of which we are very thankful,” explains Marcia.

“We love that Coregas is an Australian company and although much larger than us, they have that small business vibe that only comes from a company that truly values its customers,” she says. “This year we have some seriously big goals to kick across Australia, and with the team at Coregas beside us, I know we will smash our targets.”

Alan Watkins is equally effusive of the relationship. “We are both challengers in the market and together we are coming up with new opportunities.”