Cutting edge trailer manufacturer leading the way

Krueger transports latest investment, and the Coregas partnership with this Victorian born and bred success story.

Krueger transport started out in 1976 by John Krueger, a truck driver determined to introduce Australian made trailers designed and built for Australian conditions. Since the first prototype built in his front yard in Werribee, Krueger transport have come a long way with a world class manufacturing plant in Melbourne’s western suburbs with over 20,000 trailers delivered.

Buying local is an important consideration to Krueger so sourcing from Australian companies like Coregas for their gas requirements is part of their Australian local buy culture which is applied in all aspects of their business.

To be a successful manufacturer of a quality product, attention to detail is critical. To operate in a competitive environment, efficiency in production can be the difference between success and failure.

The challenge: The steel cutting demand was far exceeding the capability of their current plasma cutting system so required a mix of internal and outsourced cutting.

The decision was made to invest in a large format 2.5m x 10m bed laser cutting system to allow full control of their steel cutting operations.

The Coregas approach: Krueger through their established relationship with Coregas, engaged their local gas specialist to support gases for this new system.

The Coregas approach was to understand and partner with us in order to deliver the right solution together”. Steven Teofilo – Director of Engineering & Supply chain at Krueger transport.

The Coregas team understood the requirement for a responsive, yet flexible system that enabled Krueger to scale up and down their gas supply according to production needs. This was also supported with the peace of mind that comes from an uninterrupted gas feed that “just flows” first time and every time. A bulk gas installation of Liquid Nitrogen and Liquid Oxygen was proposed to support this need.

Quality and efficiency: Laser gas purity plays an important role in cutting quality and speed. Low levels of gas impurities like moisture also ensures longevity and efficiency in critical laser optical parts. Because of this, the high purity, laser quality gases available from Coregas was an important benefit towards maintaining Krueger’s high standards.

Krueger has taken quality control to the next level through technology in cut finish analysis. Their industrial microscope system allows on site cut inspection to ensure their system is calibrated to the highest level possible.

Coregas values our partnership with Krueger from the supply of gases at their metal cutting through to welding gases used in their fabrication and assembly division.