Fire Damaged Cylinder Safety

As the bushfires continue to burn across the country, the mammoth task of extinguishing the fires is expected to be as big as the effort needed to restore homes, bushland, and communities.

We extend our heartfelt sympathies to those affected and gratitude to those supporting these efforts at this time.

As bushfire clean-up activities continue, Coregas would like to highlight safety precautions for the safe handling of fire damaged cylinders.

If your cylinder does not present any of the following, it is safe to be handled normally.

  1. It is recommended to first inspect a cylinder that may have been exposed to fire.
  2. If the cylinder is exhibiting any visible signs of fire damage, then care must be taken to handle the cylinder.
  3. Special care must be taken if the cylinder contains a flammable gas e.g. acetylene or LPG . Firstly, inspect the cylinder for leaks and check if the cylinder feels hot to touch. If it found to be leaking or hot, do not move the cylinder. Ensure the area around the cylinder is clear.

If your cylinders present any damage as indicated above, please contact your gas supplier for assistance with safe recovery of the cylinder.

Coregas customers can 1800 807 203 (toll free) during business hours. In case of an emergency please call 1300 607 577 (24 hours).