A step forward in renewable energy

The Port of Hasting hydrogen liquefaction plant has made some monumental leaps in the past few days. The plant performance test was signed off on Tuesday 3rd November by Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) and the liquefier equipment designer and manufacturer. This is an integral step forward in the world-first pilot project to safely produce and transport hydrogen from Australia to Japan by ship.

Liquid hydrogen has never been transported by ship. The first shipment is expected to enable the safe transport of liquefied hydrogen in large quantities to Japan in a specially designed ship, the Suiso Frontier.

Coregas now operate and maintain the plant on a 24/7 shift basis. We are currently in the process of further commissioning, while technicians are getting more operation experience in running the plant.

Running liquefier at capacity and filling the liquid hydrogen container will be the next steps in the project, with the ship loading expected to commence early 2021.