Hydrogen 4.0

Hydrogen is an extremely flammable gas that is lighter than air. This industrial grade hydrogen is available in a range of sizes either as a compressed gas or as a cryogenic liquid.


Hydrogen 4.0 is used extensively in metal cutting and welding applications. It is also used to lift weather balloons to high altitude. Hydrogen molecules are small, making them ideal for leak detection. Hydrogen has a low viscosity and a high thermal conductivity making it ideal for filling inside turbo generators.


  • Component in welding mixtures
  • Metal cutting
  • Hydrogenation process for the production of margarine
  • Hydrodesulphurisation of fuel
  • Due to its small molecules, it is ideal for leak detection when used alongside hydrogen detectors
  • Prevents metal oxidation during heat treatment
  • Due to its low viscosity and high thermal conductivity, it is extensively used as a coolant gas in power generators
  • Lifting weather balloons to high altitude
Product Summary

Gas composition

  • Hydrogen ≥ 99.99%


Moisture ≤ 20 ppm
Oxygen ≤ 10 ppm

Compressed gas sizes

UN number: 1049

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Size Product code Volume / m³ Weight (full) / kg Pressure / kPa Outlet connection Availability Cert. of conformance
E 319122 4.1 20,000 Type 20 Australia wide Download
G 319150 8.8 20,000 Type 20 Australia wide Download
12-pack 319512 106 20,000 Type 20 Australia wide Download

Bulk Compressed

UN number: 1049


Size Product code Volume / m³ Availability Cert. of conformance
Bulk 319901 up to 3,500 Australia wide Download
Additional Details

Physical & chemical properties

Appearance Odour Flammability
AppearanceColourless gas OdourOdourless FlammabilityExtremely flammable

Hazard class


Hazard symbol (GHS)

  • Flammable gas 2.1
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