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About Coregas Healthcare

We believe in listening to our customers and acting on the result. Although that may sound simple, even obvious, it has lead to a difference in the way we serve our customers compared with other gas service providers. A difference our customers appreciate.

The only constant thing in life is change, yet people and organisations can become too comfortable with the status quo. In an era of unprecedented change, the cost of doing nothing quickly starts to outweigh the cost of positive change.

Listening to customers to understand their detailed requirements led us to develop more cost-effective, safe and reliable gas supply services designed to meet their needs. Their feedback on this Coregas difference was positive.

Coregas can provide the service that best suits your needs from simple delivery to the store’s department right through to complete gas management where we manage everything for you, including ordering product, managing stock levels, distribution to your departments, and provide reporting on usage and cost allocation.

We aim to surprise you, exceed your expectations and ensure we “get the basics right” in service and delivery.

Visibility and cost reduction are two areas Coregas can assist you to improve. Tools and software to manage your cylinder assets allow you to track cylinders around your facility, even to the end user if required. This improved transparency in supply, invoicing and managing your account assists in identifying cost reductions and simplifies the process.

If you require a more efficient gas supply, to reduce your gas spend or just want a less complicated gas supply, then Coregas may be able to assist. Plus we work hard to ensure a simple transition with minimal disruption.

Life can be busy and when dealing with the safety and health of patients it can become even more complex. Coregas can help you provide the best service to your patients by allowing you to stay focused on that patient’s care.

So thinking about how you manage your gas supplies at the moment:

  1. Who is managing your cylinder assets?
  2. Are you able to track or trace your cylinders?
  3. Do you have transparency?
  4. Are you paying too much rent?
  5. Are your resources being used efficiently?

Are you ready for a change? Select from the options below to see what makes us different:

What makes the Coregas difference

  • Local support

    Our local customer service teams are available to support you in every aspect of gas supply.

    Our daily exception reporting and an analytical team actively monitor cylinder movements – we always adjust rental holdings based on who we delivered to NOT who we received them from. Contact us to find out more.

  • Flexible invoicing and reporting
    Flexible invoicing from Coregas

    With charges for gas, rental and delivery, invoices from gas suppliers can prove confusing and difficult to understand.

    We therefore developed simplified invoicing options that provide headline information on the front page, with reporting down to the actual days an individual cylinder is held at account level on the following pages.

    On a mission to simplify gas supply at the forefront of our thinking, Coregas Healthcare offers our customers choices that we believe will provide visibility and clarity as we interact with each other.

    Contact your local sales representative or our friendly Customer Service team to discuss your invoicing options.

  • Simple, managed transition to Coregas

    Whether you require gas in cylinders, bulk vessels or both, Coregas' carefully managed system of transition from your current gas supplier ensures a safe and uninterrupted transition within 24 hours.

    We take the anxiety out of managing the transition from your current supplier by assisting in the management, planning, assessment and execution. Whatever your requirement, our structured change programmes are designed to minimise disruption and risk.

    Find out more about our carefully managed cylinder and vessel transitions.

  • Choose from from 3 cylinder management services

    Our standard service offer is already comprehensive, efficient and flexible, but we can offer you more. Having developed bespoke services, tools, reporting and visibility for large customers, we have an array of additional services and tools to make maintaining gas supply easier for you. Learn more here.

  • Quality first

    As a company quality endorsed in accordance with AS/ANZ ISO 9001, we continually strive to safely improve process and efficiencies wherever possible, without compromising quality.

As our customer, Coregas will always strive to understand your requirements and work with you to find a solution that works for all parties. From standard product and delivery offers through to complete management of gas and supply, we are capable of supporting you.

Coregas understands your need to satisfy the priorities of providing quality healthcare for your patients in a safe and cost effective manner. To help you achieve this we can provide you with peace of mind with everything from product quality, support and reliable service to flexible commercial terms and easy transactional processes.