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Methane 3.5

Methane is an extremely flammable gas that is purified from natural gas.


Methane is extensively used in heating applications in various industries including steel, power generation, chemical, food, cement and paper mill industries.


  • Heating fuel
  • Fuel gas in vehicles in the form of compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • Fuel gas in flame photometers
  • Testing the efficiency of gas burners
  • Component in calbration gas mixtures for the oil and gas industry
Product Summary

Gas composition

  • Methane ≥ 99.95%


Oxygen ≤ 20 ppm
Other hydrocarbons ≤ 300 ppm
Carbon dioxide ≤ 50 ppm
Nitrogen ≤ 200 ppm
Hydrogen ≤ 20 ppm

Available sizes


Size Product code Volume Weight (full)* Pressure Outlet connection Availability Cert. of conformance
G 420152 12.5 m³ 20,000 kPa Type 20 Australia wide Download
Additional Details

Physical & chemical properties

Appearance Odour Flammability
AppearanceColourless gas OdourOdourless FlammabilityExtremely flammable

UN number


Hazard class


Hazard symbol (GHS)

  • Flammable gas 2.1