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Semiconductor manufacture

Many high purity chemical specialty gases and mixtures are used in the semiconductor industry. Some create wafer layers, others are used for etching or as dopants.

In Australia, the semiconductor industry remains active today. Not in the same way as in China where thousands of LED chips are produced each day. Nor in the fashion of Taiwan where chip makers are busy producing microprocessors for the laptops and computers we use in the modern office. But still active in a more specialised way.

High tech R&D, power semiconductors, microscopic devices for telecommunications, antenna tuning, RF front ends, semiconductors for power line communications and smart grid transformation: these and other niches form the core of the semiconductor sector in Australia.

Whether the production is at a pilot scale, semi-commercial or fully commercial level, the semiconductor facility will require a diverse range of electronic specialty gases. Some are classified as etchants with a highly corrosive character, such as Halocarbon 14, also known as carbon tetrafluoride. Others, such as arsine and phospine, are referred to as dopants. Silane, silicon tetrachloride and germane are used for silicon and silicon-germanium alloy growth to form wafer-thin layers on the chip.

Processing aids, such as high purity argon for sputtering, and a range of ultra-high purity purge gases including nitrogen, hydrogen and helium are used in high quantities. Specialty gas mixtures for excimer lasers are critical for photolithography to create the electronic circuits on semiconductor chips and PCBs.

At Coregas we can supply electronic special gas mixtures, pure electronic chemical gases and high purity electronic process gases in a range of volumes to suit your requirements. Many of these products are produced locally at our Yennora facility, near Sydney. To ensure we can provide a 'one stop shop' for semiconductor customers, we complement our locally produced products with world-class electronic gases carefully sourced from our trusted business partners overseas.