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  • DLCO Simulator Calibration Gas

DLCO Simulator Calibration Gas

A reference gas standard with known concentration is required for TSANZ accreditation. This product comes with three different gas compositions, DLCO LOW, DLCO MID and DLCO HIGH.

Single-breadth DLCO instruments can occasionally suffer from normal drift in the gas analyser output, which affects the instrument’s reference values. Therefore, it is essential to periodically calibrate the instrument with an accurate representative gas sample to achieve consistently high DLCO accuracy and high result reproducibility. This in turn will allow the health practitioner to more accurately diagnose the patient’s lung condition and to provide better patient assessment during follow-up tests.

    This quality control is simplified with the use of a DLCO simulator along with Coregas DLCO calibration gas standards, which are:

    • Gravimetrically filled with
    • Low measurement uncertainty
    • ISO 17034 certificate of analysis
    • No additional regulator required
    • Made in Australia
    • Delivery lead time 2 weeks *

    * ex-works



    ApplicationItem codeNameCarbon Monoxide (%)Methane (%)Carbon Dioxide (%)Nitrogen Oxygen (%)Nitrogen Valve
    DLCO simulator859000DLCO LOW MIX0.130.165Balance17BalanceIVR
    DLCO simulator859001DLCO MID MIX0.10.25Balance17BalanceIVR
    DLCO simulator859002DLCO HIGH MIX0.080.225Balance17BalanceIVR